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Does your practice offer a direct cash price for medical services to consumers?  

Does your practice offer prompt pay discounts when consumers pay in full at time of service? 

Our website offers doctors and facilities the opportunity to list your practice, allowing consumers to easily search and find medical providers that offer a direct cash price for medical services.       

Unfortunately, our healthcare system can be confusing, costly and complex.  Today, consumers are responsibile for more of their own healthcare costs and will shop for medical care and services that offer value to their healthcare needs and budgets.  Self-pay patients act like consumers in any other market. They budget for big purchases, demand price transparency and are willing to pay for services they feel provide value.  For providers, this means that consumers are exploring payment options to save money, looking for convenient access, extended visits and comparing their out of pocket cost and quality of care that best meet their healthcare needs.    

While there are many directory sites to have your practice listed, we are unique and niched to the direct cash self-pay market and want to help you make your practice better known.  Set your practice apart and let consumers know you are responsive and considerate to their healthcare cost.  

We create a custom and descriptive profile of your practice, services and expertise along with a link back to your website allowing patients to contact you directly regarding their needs.  As an advocate for the direct patient/provider relationship and we want to help you make your practice known so that consumers can easily find quality, affordable and patient-focused confidential care.  


Listing your practice as a provider is simple. We ask that you provide consumers with:

  • Transparent, self-pay prices
  • Patient Privacy
  • Cash/Prompt Pay (Discount) Pricing
  • Protected Patient-Provider Relationship

Joining Cash — and being added to our Practice map — is simple. After registering your practice, you will recieve our Provider Profile template so we can add your practice to our map.  NOTE: We moderate submissions. Your practice will not appear on the map for several days.

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What types of Practices can join Cash

We offer our directory listing services to a wide variety of providers and facilities.  


  • Primary Care Physicians
  • Specialty Care Physicians
  • Urgent Care
  • Chiropractic & Physical Therapy
  • Hospitals & Ambulatory Surgical Facilities
  • Diagnostic Facilities (MRI/Labs)
  • Dentistry
  • Vision

What does it cost to list my practice?  

To list your practice with Cash the cost is $125 per year.   

What is the benefit of listing your practice with Cash

Our objective is connect you with consumers exploring and searching for providers who offer a direct cash price for medical services.  Many consumers are not even aware of the concept of direct paying for healthcare and don’t know how to ask for the cash price or what to ask about. However, with premiums continually marching higher, many consumers are exploring strategies to save money.  Over 20 million Americans are enrolled in a High Deductible Health Plan where thousands of dollars are spent before their insurance starts to kick in.  Over 28 million Americans are without health insurance citing costs as the reason and will search for providers that can help them save money on their healthcare needs.  We want to make your practice better known!     

For Consumers:

Cash is for consumers like you.  

When you see a medical provider found on Cash, something different happens:

  • You will choose the doctor, the practice, the surgery center, and eventually, of your choice.
  • Prices for your care will be affordable and reasonable
  • Full Transparency of costs for the medical services will be provided

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Find Your Medical Provider Today!