About Cash Healthcare.com

Cash Healthcare.com is a medical provider directory offering consumers a convenient way to search and easily find doctors and facilities that offer a direct cash price for medical services.  With consumers being held financially responsible for more of their own healthcare costs through High Deductible Health Plans or Uninsured, it's makes common sense to explore and become better informed on how we can shop for affordable healthcare and choose quality physicians and facilities that best meet our healthcare needs and budgets.  

A doctor or facility offering a direct cash price at time of service could cost you less—sometimes a lot less—if you pay the medical provider out of your own pocket and leave your insurer out of the picture.  As a resource for consumers, our listed doctors & facilities are considerate to healthcare costs and are helpful to discussing with you their direct cash prices and services.  We encourage you to contact providers directly so you can decide what is best for your individual healthcare needs.      

Cash Healthcare.com is an advocate for the direct patient/provider relationship...A way that focuses on the direct healthcare needs of consumers and the expertise of America's physicians.

Consumers can search and easily find quality, affordable, healthcare providers that meet their needs and budgets, while helping doctors and facilities make their practice/services known to consumers seeking more personalized care, financial payment options and transparency of costs.      

Our mission is to deliver the most comprehensive searchable database of doctors and facilities that offer a direct cash price for their medical services.  You Deserve More Choices, Affordable Healthcare and Transparency of Costs when it comes managing your health and wellness.     


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